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Juggling Work with the “Return” to School

The end of summer often brings relief to the parental juggling act where parents try to focus on their work responsibilities while finding ways to occupy their children’s social and emotional needs.

This year, parents started that juggling act in March. Many are now weary of trying to keep so many things up in the air. With most schools educating students online for at least the next few weeks, parents are at their wits ends.

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth spoke about her experience with this. Upon learning at the last minute that her daughter’s school was going to be online from 9-3 pm she had to re-think how to help her daughter while also doing her job. “I am incredibly privileged where I can do something with my schedule. I'm going to - I try to home-school her now - I have since March - in the morning until noon. You know, I started off with all sorts of great intentions. We're going to do experiments, and we're going to go on nature walks in the yard, and we're going to do science, and we're going to do this. At this point, I just shove five worksheets in front of her that I tear out of a workbook that I bought online.”

As a business leader, you may be grappling with this issue in your own home as well as trying to support your employees. Here are some resources that outline strategies to help you navigate these competing needs.

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