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Make It Your Business to Know Your WHY

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

When you have clarity on your WHY, your reason for doing what you do (see our earlier post), you not only have an endless supply of stamina at your fingertips, but you also have the foundation from which to build your business.

Being clear on the purpose, cause, or belief that is the bedrock of your company forms the basis of your values. Values invigorate the WHY. Once values are crystallized, they easily give shape to the HOW of company operations. They​ efficiently guide everything the company does from strategic planning, marketing strategy, policy and procedure development, employee practices, office communication and interactions with customers.

Companies that are value driven have a distinct advantage over those that aren’t.

  • They aren’t dependent on price manipulations and endless gimmicks to get customers.

  • They stand out from their competitors

  • They hire and retain talented and dedicated employees

  • Their reputation is built on trusting relationships

  • They have loyal (not just repeat) customers

After working with company leaders to clarify their WHY and their values, they report that, in addition to the above benefits, decision making becomes streamlined and stress is dramatically reduced. How great is that?!

Remember, making money is not a WHY. Your company's revenues, profits, salaries, and other monetary measurements are simply the results of what you do. The company’s WHY is about its contribution to society and the impact it has on others. The WHY inspires you and your customers. Want to learn more? Send us an email!

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