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Susan Galvin Co-Founder
Renée Garcia Co-Founder

We get it.
Running a business is complicated.

You want your company to operate in a way that supports business success and employee satisfaction.

Because it's not just about the bottom line, it's also about creating a culture where the needs of both the company and employees are supported as you efficiently move your business forward.


You’ve got two jobs: Building a profitable company and caring for your employees. You know that hard work is part of the journey, but you need clarity, systems, and skills to run your company in a way that both owners and workers can thrive. Let us show you how.

What is the G2 Way?

Grounded in values and strengths, the G2 Way empowers leaders to skillfully solve the root cause of company problems by applying an innovative blend of advanced psychological and systems practices.


The G2 Way has 3 ingredients:


Values - Businesses have strong value systems. Connecting these values with daily operations is integral to building success.


Business Drivers - Activating key business drivers will move your business forward while empowering you to strategically manage the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment.


Human Dynamics and Behavior - Understanding what makes people tick and the complex nature of relationships is essential to smooth running companies. Our extensive experience working with families and our ability to teach relationship and business skills at the same time, sets the G2 Way apart from other business approaches. 


The G2 Way helps businesses face the challenge of doing what’s best for the company while also doing what's good for  employees.

The G2 Way is the sweet spot for businesses that care about their workers– the place where employees and the company succeed together.


The G2 Way takes a distinctive approach to making businesses stronger for the future. It is based on proven experience that success comes from strategically using the strengths of leadership and employees to work together as a productive team.

The G2 Way equips you with the skills to take advantage of every business opportunity while also cultivating a healthy workplace culture.

Our expertise comes from years of combined experience as businesswomen and psychotherapists

using proven strategies to make lasting change in business and relationship success.

We pride ourselves on delivering real results for your company and your employees. 

You want to move your company forward.

You want your employees to be motivated and happy.

Trying to constantly balance this seesaw of expectations can make you dizzy.

Come with us and let us take you on a journey. Take a deep breath and imagine…


IMAGINE how it will feel when you wake up every morning with a clear vision for your company and knowing the exact steps to take to achieve your goal.  You feel energized by the business culture you have created that leaves everyone feeling empowered and excited about the company’s future.


Business feels easy. Everyone is clear about their role in the company. You hear employees exchange compliments and proudly boast of the feats they accomplished by working together. No longer do you dread going to work and you look forward to seeing what your team can accomplish.

When you focus on the business you feel invigorated and you are excited about how your company can improve the lives of customers, employees and their family members. You feel proud of what you have built and are confident in knowing you will successfully navigate the path forward.

Family business

The G2 Way can make this vision a reality.

After our first conversation, you will leave feeling like a weight has been lifted. You’ll see your problems more clearly and know what actions to take to make things better and easier.


That’s what makes us different. We pride ourselves on delivering real results - not just bandaids. 


Because before we talk, we listen.


We know that you have insights that are invaluable. We hear you out so we can meet you where you are with your unique challenges.


The G2 Way is not a cookie-cutter approach. We show you how to move forward in a way that’s best for you. 


Our clients repeatedly tell us that that is the magic of the G2 Way. After working with us you’ll come away with a changed view of your business and your life. 

Once you learn the G2 Way, you’ll wish you had called us sooner.  


Because of our extensive business and psychotherapy experience,

we know how to get to the root of an issue.


You’ll start to see the forest (not just the trees) and you won’t spend one more minute on broken systems or confusing roles.


We are driven to have a positive impact on others. In the workplace, this means creating and promoting systems that lead to empowering ripple effects throughout the organization.

After using the G2 Way, our clients tell us they 

Effectively manage the needs of both the business and the employees

Create a culture where people love to come to work

Strategically use time and resources to advance company goals

Create systems that help them get things done quickly 

Gracefully navigate work and personal boundaries

Lead everyone in the company effectively

Communicate in ways that get the job done while building morale

Productively and respectfully resolve conflict

Keep employees motivated

Articulate a clear vision of the future

Implement a goal driven action plan

...and more!


​We work with companies and organizations of any size and type, who need new skills to adapt to the business environment. 

Not sure if we’re the right consultants for you? Check us out with a FREE,

no-risk consultation. You’ll get a sense for who we are, how we work and how we can help you move your company forward.


And if you choose to work with us, you'll get more than just solutions. 


You’ll get ALLIES. We’ll be with you in the trenches- through thick and thin. We’ll champion your cause, celebrate your success and cheer you on to be your best.

Just fill out our contact form and put FREE CONSULTATION in the subject line. We’ll send you an application that tells us more about you and your goals. The more we know about you the more useful we can be and the more you will take away. 


No one will care for your business and your employees better than you. It’s up to you to give them the best there is.


Our education and experience in the interaction between human behavior, systems thinking and business practice is unique in business consulting. This allows us to guide, teach and empower our clients to company and family success.

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