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G2 Solutions in Action

They embodied the dream of so many. Fifteen years ago, a young family, Denis and Sonia, immigrated to the United States after political upheaval in their country. They came with the goal of building a prosperous life and exercising control of their destiny.


Beginning with only a tiny warehouse and one employee, their granite fabrication business grew into an established medium sized company with an expansive customer base, a diverse product line and a reputation for being the leader in their industry.

Their swift success was both exciting and stressful. While reacting to the increasing demand for their services, daily operations became characterized by crisis management. Over time, this ad hoc approach began to take its toll on the company's profit margins and employee morale. The long-term health of the company was at stake, as was the owners’ goal to control their destiny. ​

Our paths crossed at a charity event. After a short conversation, it was apparent that G2 Solutions could help.

G2 Solutions performed a thorough assessment and analysis, which yielded several important insights about the company’s current state and future trajectory. This included the realization that they had lost sight of their vision for the company and the kind of life they wanted to build.

Working with their busy schedules, G2 Solutions guided them through the development of their VALUES, VISION and MISSION statements. This process helped them step back and reflect on what their company really meant to them. After numerous “aha” moments, new insights about what makes them unique and reconnecting with their dreams for the future, they identified their core values, their aspirations and their goals for the company.


Once these guiding principles were established, it became clear what changes needed to be made. Many of the daily operations, including policies and procedures, customer interactions, interoffice communication and employee evaluations, were modified to align with the company’s Values, Vision and Mission.


The results? Here’s what Denis had to say…

“Just like any business that experiences growth, you need to be prepared for it in every step of the processes you have. In our countertop fabrication business, it does not always mean that adding more machines will yield more productivity. Machines are only part of the puzzle. G2 Solutions showed us the light and the way to increase our productivity by building a strong team that embodies good work ethic, team effort and values that we never had before. People are the cogs of your business and if you do not understand them, provide them with essential training and clearly defined responsibilities your business can be stuck in one gear. Our company was stuck in one gear. Hiring G2 Solutions got us out of it.”

G2 Solutions Conference
G2 Solutions Consulting with Client
G2 Solutions consulting with client
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