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We serve companies who are committed to building organizations that are successful

in the right way…

where everyone thrives


Business leaders seek us out to:

  • Learn strategies to build a company culture where goals are achieved and employees are satisfied

  • Develop tools to streamline systems 

  • Create and implement successful and sustainable strategic plans 


Because of our expertise in business and psychology we are particularly adept at meeting the needs of a variety of organizations. We spend time with our clients to get to know them in a way that is different from other business consultants. We want to know what makes them and their companies tick, so that we can tailor our solutions to their very specific needs.


Here are the types of organizations that we work with and why G2 Solutions has made a difference.


Who Comes to Us? 


Businesses at a Crossroad

Often these companies seek out G2 Solutions, due to an ‘aha’ moment. A CEO recognizes that their company can no longer operate in the way it has been. They may be seeing high rates of employee burnout, inefficient systems, or their own excessive fatigue. They will often say to us, “I just can’t keep doing this anymore. There has to be a better way!”



We are constantly impressed with the business leaders we work with. Very often they are truly inspirational people. While they have great ideas, they may have trouble figuring out how to get their teams on board. We work to translate their vision to their teams through training and workshops that not only teach valuable skills, but create greater team cohesion.


Boards of Directors

Boards of Directors have a unique charge to strategically guide an organization. We work with these groups to develop frameworks that will help them determine next steps for their organization. We also build board capacity to create goals, objectives, timelines, and evaluation criteria that results in a board structure that can respond to the organization’s needs.


Family Run Businesses

Who better than two psychotherapists to work with the tricky dynamics of family owned businesses? While often bringing an unparalleled commitment to the work, balancing the needs of the family with the needs of the business is a challenge. With our deeply nuanced understanding of family dynamics, we have great success in helping everyone create positive business boundaries so that they can still have fun at the family dinner table. 


Volunteer Organizations

These leaders have to creatively address the unique challenge of having “staff” who may be  highly motivated by a passion for the group’s mission while at the same time putting a lower priority on volunteer work. Understanding the complex art of motivating people in different circumstances allows us to provide strategies that create environments where volunteer time is respected and high quality work is expected. 


Why Does It Work?

Change is not easy yet that is what our clients are asking for. We shepherd our clients through change. Anyone can learn new information or understand philosophically why a change is important.


What makes real change possible is incorporating information into new habits. Understanding the psychology of change and habit formation allows us to create solutions that lead to sustainable success.


If we had to break it down into a simple step by step format, it would look something like this:


  1. Assess not only the current situation, but assess all of the conditions that have led to its creation. 

  2. Assess the conditions that need to change including the strengths that will support  change and the barriers that will sabotage change.

  3. Develop a plan that leverages strengths and teaches skills to navigate challenges.  

  4. Provide support after implementation so that our clients get their desired results.

  5. Promote investment and participation in the process by including company leaders and stakeholders every step of the way.

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