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In business, knowledge of the Enneagram can accelerate and support deep transformations in employees, leaders, and cultures by helping individuals understand how to communicate and compassionately interpret the behaviors of those they work with.


G2 Solutions has expertise using the Enneagram and we believe it is a system that can help teams reach their potential. When used with full integrity, the Enneagram allows you to better understand yourself and others by gaining insight into motivations and behaviors. 


Let G2 Solutions conduct an Enneagram workshop at your company!


What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram has more recently become popular in the business community. It traces its roots back to a variety of wisdom traditions that are thousands of years old. It started its transformation into how it is used today through the work of spiritual teacher Oscar Ichazo and psychologist Dr.Claudio Naranjo.

Combining the psychological and spiritual aspects of personality, Enneagram bases its system in 3 centers of intelligence (instinctive, feeling, intuition). From these three centers, nine different personality types are identified. Enneagram symbolically represents how each of these types interact through a nine pointed diagram.

Ennneagram Diagram

Knowing your number is barely scratching the surface of this dynamic system. The Enneagram is designed for growth. The symbol itself guides the user toward self development. Unlike other personality systems, knowledge of the Enneagram helps us understand not only our behaviors but our motivations for using those behaviors. 

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