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It all started with an ad on Craig’s List. Renée was leaving agency work as a clinical social worker to start a private psychotherapy practice. With young children to look after, she needed part time office space to share with another therapist. But it would have to be just the right kind of person. Someone who is responsible, easy to work with, high ethical standards and, of course, good taste in decorating styles.

Susan, newly relocated from California where she left a thriving psychotherapy practice, responded the same day. They agreed to meet for lunch and to see if could work.  Would this be a good match? They “clicked” instantly and ended the lunch with a plan to look for office space. Fifteen years later they are still sharing office space, consulting each other in their robust private practices and changing the world one person at a time.


One day while conferring on client cases, Susan remarked, “Some of the biggest struggles my clients face is in the workplace.”


“I know what you mean,” Renée replied. “My clients spend a lot of time talking about their jobs. It’s hard to have a fulfilling life and a healthy family if your workplace is so stressful.”


“It’s true,” Susan said nodding. “If bosses understood people, what motivates them and how they think, the company would run more smoothly and be a happier place.”

“And when they don't, it holds back the business, eats at profits and causes more stress,” Renée added.


While looking out the window, Susan mused, “It’s too bad we can’t work with our clients’ bosses and managers.”


After a moment’s pause, Susan and Renée looked at each other and simultaneously said, “Or can we?”


Motivated to have a broader impact on their clients and their community, Susan and Renée continued exploring the possibility of impacting the workplace dynamics that impede businesses, and in turn, individual success and satisfaction. In addition to their keen understanding of human behavior and motivation from their experience as social workers they also had Susan’s prior experience in health care management and running her father’s company. Renée’s graduate study and university teaching on community and organizational interventions would also be relevant.

This, they realized, was a truly unique perspective and blend of expertise not typically found in traditional business consulting. Marshaling this distinctive skill set could help companies solve their people and process problems and create healthy organizational cultures.


Thus, G2 Solutions was born.

Expanding their clientele to include business owners, executives, companies and organizations has demonstrated meaningful results with exciting ripple effects. For example, one former client and owner of a medium sized business, sent Susan & Renée the following email:

I just wanted to thank you again for the way you transformed my business. My lead sales person recently told me she had been on the verge of leaving us before we hired you. She said the company atmosphere was too stressful. “But then you hired G2 Solutions”, she told me, “so I decided to stick around to see if something would change.” With tears in her eyes she said, “I’m so glad I stayed. I love working here!” I now have many happy employees like her who get excited about helping us live our Values, Vision and Mission.

G2 Solutions help companies, organizations and non-profit agencies with a variety of issues. 
















G2 Solutions works with companies of all shapes and sizes with the goal of strengthening

them to be productive, profitable and a place where people love to work.

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Susan Galvin

Founder & Co-Director

Susan brings a unique set of skills to guide your business. In both the corporate and non-profit sectors, Susan has specialized in new program development and is masterful at bringing teams together to build a healthy work culture.  In businesses, healthcare organizations, social service agencies and educational settings, Susan has built effective leadership structures that allow organizations, and the people that power them, to flourish.

Susan's experience includes developing and managing programs and staff at health care and social service organizations. She was instrumental in implementing program budgets that resulted in cost-saving changes and improved efficiency. 


She also knows the joys and challenges of the entrepreneur. She took over the reins of her family’s merchandising design firm and continued its profitability as she guided the sale of the company. Since that time, she has built two successful psychotherapy practices in two different states.

The blend of ‘in the trenches’ work experience along with her training in psychology gives Susan the ability to analyze human behavior, identify effective change strategies, and create sustainable frameworks.

Susan is always looking for new perspectives in her own life by traveling, avidly watching movies and spending time outdoors with her family.


Renée Bradford Garcia

Founder & Co-Director

Renée Bradford Garcia is an organizational consultant who specializes in helping leaders and their teams navigate change in successful, productive and healthy ways. 

Renée’s graduate work focused on affecting change within organizations and communities and understanding the relationship between these environments and personal success. With more than two decades of experience as a psychotherapist, Renee has developed a keen insight into individual and group behavior and is experienced in creating customized pathways that lead to positive, creative growth. 


She is a highly skilled communicator having served as an adjunct university professor and the author of three college level textbooks. When not working, Renée loves to read, hike, attend art festivals and connect with her family.

O: 512-965-0748  

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