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Amazing People Do Amazing Things

We say this to anyone who will listen:

Quality organizations lead from their Values to their Vision through their Mission.

A strong Values, Vision, Mission Statement is like a North Star that guides all of your business decisions and is essential in helping you set priorities. When you are in the middle of doing valuable work, your perspective can become twisted and you can lose sight of your priorities.

How can you regain a clear view of your North Star?

Play a game of Twister.

At least that is what we did with the amazing staff of the Center for Resiliency at Dell Children’s Medical Center. They provide caring support and programming that equip health care workers to thrive as they face the challenges unique to their profession.

The Center’s staff has created a myriad of innovative resources in response to various requests and identified needs. They began to realize that being able to do great things (and they do many) is not the same as the organization’s capacity to support all these great things. It was an opportune time in their development to assess the organizations’ capacity to fulfill its purpose.

So how did Twister help them gain a new perspective?

If you are familiar with the game, it has a series of circles on a large plastic sheet. Each row of circles is a different color. Players place their hands and feet on different colored spaces and as different colors are called participants move, placing hands and feet around each other, hoping that no one falls over.

In our version, each circle represented a different program that the Center offered. At the four corners were the foundational pillars of successful organizations:

  • Values

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Priorities

As we took them through various scenarios based on a typical day, each member of the Center was asked to cover a responsibility. Pretty soon they were twisted up with one another because there was so much to get done!

What they realized is when they are engrossed in their work, it is easy to lose sight of the essential pillars and the organization doesn’t run as effectively as possible.

When grounded in Values, Vision, Mission and Priorities the organization has a structure that supports the work and provides the people doing the work the focus, energy and clarity to deliver quality services in a sustainable way.

Thank you Center for Resiliency for a fun morning that left us truly inspired by your dedication, creativity and teamwork!

G2 Solutions can show you how to build a foundation so your organization can flourish and we’ll have some fun along the way. Contact us to learn more.

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