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Helping You Figure People Out

Updated: Sep 6, 2023



Did our fingers go crazy as we were typing our weekly blog?


Then, what is all of this alphabet soup?

If we gave you enough time, you could probably figure it out. You would use your intellect, instinct and intuition to solve it. It would be frustrating and confusing. The process would be rough.

Now suppose we gave you a decoding tool:

  • Drop the first and last letters of each line

  • Read each line backward

You would discover a joke that any dad or second grader would be proud of!

It would still take some effort on your part, but you would be able to navigate the process more easily and with much more finesse.

Decoding tools or frameworks that help us interpret our surroundings are invaluable. We see them in use everywhere. In sports, you have a playbook so everyone can understand how to move on the field. In education, there are rubrics that outline how a project will be graded.

As psychotherapists and business consultants, we guide people to create their own decoding systems. We provide strategies that help guide people in their relationships. Personality Systems are one tool that helps us accomplish this.

Personality Systems describe patterns of how people interpret the world, manage their emotions and interact with others. These personality systems arise from a variety of theoretical places; spiritual, psychological and business.

Many of you may have heard of some of these systems and may even have taken the assessments. The strength of these systems is how they can be used for continued growth and improved relationships, both personally and professionally. As leaders, using these tools can help you more efficiently and effectively navigate the personalities and pressures of the work world as you work to bring out the best in your teams.

In our next blog, we are going to outline two of the commonly used personality systems in business today: Enneagram and Meyers Briggs.

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