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Is Your Company Carrying Extra Weight?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Did you hear about the Texas couple who accidentally packed their pet in their suitcase?

When checking their baggage, they were told they would need to pay extra because the suitcase was 5 pounds over the limit. Thankfully, they decided to open the suitcase to try and redistribute the weight.

And out pops their pet chihuahua, Icky.

icky the chihuahua sleeping

Apparently, Icky likes to burrow. She crawled into one of their boots and made herself at home while they were packing. Though a bit of an inconvenience (family was able to take Icky home before they went on vacation), it was a cute surprise. And now Icky is kind of famous.

Even for conscientious and responsible pet owners, these things happen.

Icky’s adventure is an apt metaphor for organizational culture.

What extra weight sneaks into your business and settles into the company culture that doesn’t belong there?

Like Icky, would it be “cute” if it were uncovered for all the world to see?

How does this weight impact your customers? Your employees’ morale? Your stress level?

Company culture is continually being shaped and reinforced, though it often happens below conscious awareness – especially for busy entrepreneurs. Issues related to culture can get sidelined in favor of “more important” things.

And while you may not put your company’s culture on display for others to see, it gets uncovered in some form or fashion.

As a consumer, you can probably remember a bad experience with a company. Most likely, that bad experience represented a crack in the company’s culture.

Unfortunately, negative experiences are the ones we most easily remember and the ones we complain about to family and friends. They make us think twice before doing business with a company again.

Have you ever walked into a store and the employees look like they’d rather be home watching Netflix?

Or have you ever been in a business transaction with someone and you can’t get them to call you back or follow through?

Even for conscientious and responsible business owners, these things happen.

It’s not as if company leaders are deliberately causing problems. They and their employees are doing what feels natural at the time – just like Icky.

This is precisely why it can be helpful to bring in an outside perspective.

Is your company carrying some extra weight that is slowing you down? Is it costing you more in energy, time, and money?

G2 Solutions can help! Contact us for a free consultation.

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