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Sharing is Caring: Distributing Company Knowledge

Last week we discussed the dangers of having important company information in the heads of just a few employees. Not only does this create inefficiencies and bottlenecks, it puts the company’s reputation and bottom line in a precarious position.


Below are some strategies you can implement to disperse information throughout the organization and decrease reliance on a few key employees.

  • Utilize document and knowledge management systems. Centralized systems that store and organize important information make important information accessible to multiple employees.

  • Backup critical data and documents regularly. This will help prevent loss due to individual and accidental circumstances.

  • Create effective training and onboarding programs. This will equip employees with essential knowledge and help them understand the broader organization beyond their specific role.

  • Provide clear documentation. Ensure that processes, procedures, and important information is well-documented and easily accessible to relevant individuals.

  • Implement cross-training and knowledge sharing programs. Creating regularly scheduled opportunities for employees to share their expertise will help ensure redundancy.

  • Rotate responsibilities. Rotating key responsibilities and tasks among team members will help distribute knowledge and skills.

  • Delegate. Effective delegation of tasks and responsibilities helps distribute workloads and information.

  • Do succession planning. Develop clear plans for who would take over key roles in case of unexpected departures or unavailability.

These practices can help companies reduce the risk of information silos and ensure that critical knowledge is not dependent on a small group of individuals.


It can feel hard to make time for such practices against the more urgent demands of the day. But incremental steps in this direction will make a substantial difference over time.


Can you identify one or two of these strategies that you can begin implementing this week?


Need some help? G2 Solutions is here for you. Give us a call.

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