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Should You Learn to Do the Splits or Just Touch Your Toes?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Did you strain to be flexible during the pandemic?

As the business world contorted week by week, many of us were bending in all different directions to stay on top of things.

As you move forward, how flexible do you want to be?

The business leaders we're talking to have reported conflicting feelings as they bring employees back to the office. While many are energized by the prospect of daily face to face interactions, they are also grappling with meeting employees’ needs in a post pandemic age.

Over the past year, employees have adapted and even enjoyed some of the flexibility that was necessary to meet the demands of COVID-19 era companies. Some of the decisions to accommodate pandemic business were made quickly, with very little planning.

Now that we may be welcoming in a new age of stability (fingers crossed!), you’ll need to figure out:

What does flexibility look like now?

Take some time to reflect on what has worked well for you in the past and what will help you move forward by taking a fresh look at your company.

This checklist can guide you:

  • Analyze your hard data: These are the cold, unapologetic numbers. What has your employee productivity been during the pandemic? What trends do you see? Is it the same across all positions?

  • Analyze your soft data: These are the warm, fuzzy observational data. How has the world of Zoom impacted employee relationships? How has the year of adaptation affected the company culture?

  • Assess your values: Values are the north star for companies. Does embracing more or less flexibility align with your values?

  • Assess your future goals: You may be setting new goals for your company or re-engaging with former goals. How does providing more flexibility impact these goals?

In the anticipation of the world reopening, take a moment to decide what elements of your pandemic flexibility you can take into the future.

One of the things we really enjoy is guiding companies as they set their values, vision and mission. Let G2 Solutions show you how you can create a new road for your company.

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