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The Power of Mentorship

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

When we started G2 Solutions, we didn’t know exactly where we were headed. We were two women who had successful psychotherapy practices who had decided to take the leap and apply our psychological skills to the business world. Now 7 years later, we have a thriving consulting firm that helps leaders create workplaces where both the company and employees thrive.

Through it all we have been so glad that we were in it together. We bounce ideas off of one another and work through our insecurities. We inspire and problem solve together. We have mentored each other as we built G2 Solutions.

Mentorship is a powerful experience. People often cite the unexpected effects of their mentors. The intriguing thing about mentors is that you never know when they will come into your life or the impact they will exert.

The singer, Adele, cites an engaging, caring teacher as inspiring her love of literature which translated into her ability to write lyrics.

Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, credits a graduate school professor for instilling a belief that she could accomplish anything that she set out to achieve.

Oprah Winfrey met the author Maya Angelou in the 1970s, long before Oprah was the mogul that she would become. Oprah was inspired by the way in which Angelou lived her life, staying grounded and focused on her values.

The inimitable RBG, supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, met several mentors when she entered Cornell University. The most important and longest lasting was her future husband who steadfastly supported her intellectual pursuits.

Even someone who is considered one of the most admirable people of the twentieth century and inspired countless people in her lifetime credits much of her accomplishment to a relationship with a mentor. Mother Teresa cites her chance meeting with Father Michael van der Peet at a bus stop in Rome as deepening her spiritual life.

Why do mentoring relationships have this type of impact on people? We break it down into three elements.

They provide a sense of belonging: Particularly for marginalized or minority groups, finding a supportive mentor or network provides the opportunity to share common experiences and a platform to feel heard. This builds confidence to overcome obstacles and offers an avenue to celebrate successes.

They provide perspective: It is easy to become paralyzed by doubt when jumping into a new venture. In a good mentoring relationship, you can express yourself without fear of judgment. This allows you to clear away a lot of nagging doubts and energizes the way forward.

They provide guidance and resources: A mentor can help the path become more defined. Sharing the benefit of their experience, directing mentees to resources or making key introductions allows mentees to navigate the business world more deftly.

Mentorship is not just a one-on-one pursuit. Groups of like-minded people coming together to share knowledge and support one another creates a compelling environment. It allows people and their ideas to be lifted up and realized.

We had the opportunity once again, to meet with an organization that has these qualities. The Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce Women's Club invited us back to answer questions about building businesses and achieving work life balance. We reinforced the importance of finding community with others whether it be professional or personal. Doing this builds mentoring relationships that can help guide you to your goals. The transformational energy of people who truly support one another is immeasurable.

Thank you GAACC for an afternoon that reminded us about the power of mentorship.

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