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Work-Life Balance: How to Right the Scale

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Last week we discussed work-life balance and why it’s so important. We presented a new way for you to think about the various roles and responsibilities that you must continually juggle.

Discussing work-life balance is a conversation about boundaries. All relationships require healthy boundaries to help them function effectively. Boundaries in your relationship with your work are no exception.

Below are some concrete steps you can take to clarify the boundaries between your work life and your personal life:

  • Ask for help when you need it. When things begin to feel overwhelming, get clarity from your supervisor about what the priorities are and be open to assistance from your team.

  • Stay in your lane. Be clear about what is in your job description and be aware of when you are pulled into other areas. If this happens often or if your job description is unclear, talk with your manager to get clarity.

  • Be honest and communicate about what you can accomplish. This includes being honest with yourself and with your team members. Doing so allows those who depend on you to have realistic expectations and the opportunity to make any needed adjustments on their end.

  • Unplug during off work hours. Just because technology allows work to reach you at all hours doesn’t mean you should be working at all times. Resist the urge to answer that text or email when taking time for loved ones and for yourself.

  • Plan ahead for time off. Without some pre-planning, the opportunity to get several days off will continually slip through your fingers. Having this scheduled gives you something to look forward to and helps your coworkers plan for your absence.

  • Prioritize your health. When you are sick, stay home and rest. Seek medical attention when needed. Make sure your body is getting the nutrition and rest it needs and develop a regular practice of movement and/or meditation.

Actions such as these can go a long way to preventing burnout and keeping you healthy and happy.

And no one can do it for you.

Stay tuned for next week, when we’ll talk about the role that company leaders play in promoting work-life balance.

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