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Cultivating Perspective

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Working in your business is a lot like pulling weeds in a garden. Your head is down and you are focused on furiously pulling weeds up out of the ground. The ground clears in front of you. You feel proud of the progress you made and then you stand up and see that you are still surrounded by weeds.

With the pandemic, businesses faced unprecedented challenges and this required many business leaders to jump into the day to day operation of their businesses. Like the gardener, they may have focused on immediate need rather than continuing to look at their business from a big picture, CEO perspective.

Successful CEOs maintain their focus on the activities that move the business forward. They focus most of their attention and efforts on:

  • The business model to assure that it is meeting the needs of their market.

  • Business systems to assure that the business runs as efficiently as possible.

  • Talent cultivation to assure that everyone’s skills and expertise are being used to the fullest capacity.

CEOs need to be able to fully develop the vision of the company and guide their employees toward that vision by asking themselves these questions:

  • Am I doing things that are improving the long term competitive advantage of my company?

  • Are the systems that I have in place enabling me the time to focus on the future of my company?

Using these questions as a guide can keep your efforts focused on the activities that will develop your company to its fullest potential.

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