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Designing Your COVID Life

As we continue the journey of adapting to changing conditions, we want to share a valuable resource. Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, professors at Stanford University, teach the use of design thinking to create lives that are both meaningful and satisfying. Their original book, Designing Your Life, is a useful guide for business leaders in this turbulent time or anyone needing to reset their life.

They walk you through a series of exercises that help you find clarity on how to live a life of fulfillment and possibility. Their newest book, Designing Your Work Life, focuses on how to apply those same principles to the work setting.

They have now responded to the pandemic by producing a six part series, Designing Your Covid Life, of short videos aimed at helping you adapt to the COVID-19 world. Using the same design thinking that is in their books, they adapt it to the unique circumstances that we are all experiencing.

We highly recommend checking out their work!

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