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Fashioning Feedback

We were so privileged to virtually attend the Texas Women’s Conference #TxConfWomen. The Conference provides connection, motivation, networking, skill building, and motivation for women across the country. We have attended in person for the last couple of years and were apprehensive about what to expect at a virtual conference. It was truly amazing! The speakers were wonderful and the interface was thoughtfully designed to make it a truly memorable experience.

Over the next several months, we will share our insights and connect you to some of the speakers we believe can be helpful in your work.

Tamra Chandler along with Laura Dowling Grealish are the authors of Feedback (and other dirty words) Why We Fear It, How to Fix it. Tamra gave a great talk about how to look at feedback differently.

She described feedback as being a confluence of three roles:

Seeker: proactively asks for feedback from others with the goal of self development

Receiver: recipient of feedback whether wanted or unwanted

Extender: gives feedback to others either proactively or by request

Each of us embodies all of these roles. We will have a different feedback profile at any given moment.

Each role has a set of responsibilities that enhances the feedback experience. In coming posts we will delve more deeply into the responsibilities of each of these roles and other ways to redefine and energize feedback.

Watch Tamra’s video where people share their feedback views and experiences. How would you describe your experience when giving and receiving feedback?

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