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How to Shift Your Management Style Towards Leadership

We have been talking to you about the differences between a manager and a leader. Good managers keep systems running smoothly so that the company achieves its goals. Leaders inspire their co-workers to achieve excellence using their vision, passion, and personal relationships.

Probably, by now you see the added value that leaders bring to their teams. If you are a company leader by title who acts more like a manager, it may be time to empower one of your subordinates to be the manager so you can focus on providing the leadership your business needs.

If you are a manager by title and position, you may want to look at how you can be a manager who is also a leader so that your department can exceed expectations and be a fulfilling place for people to work.

If you’re needing to tip the scale on your style towards being more of a leader, here are a few concrete things you can start doing today that will put you on the leadership path.

1) Regularly zoom out for a big picture view of company goals, market trends, and an analysis of your team’s performance.

2) Ask your employees for their ideas on how things can be improved and give them space to implement these.

3) Create systems that allow employees to take a lead on company initiatives.

4) Know the unique talents of your team members and leverage their strengths when assigning roles and responsibilities.

5) Welcome employee expertise that exceeds your own and maximize their talents for the company’s benefit.

6) Seek guidance from an objective party to learn how you can further develop your leadership capacity.

And if you need support for living into your leadership potential, give G2 Solutions a call. We’d love to help!

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