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It’s That Time Again

‘Tis the season!

And there are a lot of extra things that must get done. Are you ready?

No, we’re not talking about the holidays. We’re talking about strategic planning for your organization.

For most busy leaders, though, strategic planning shares many things with the holidays:

  • It feels like an extra thing to squeeze in because it’s not something we do on a daily basis.

  • It will often be postponed for more “urgent” matters, but is still very important.

  • Occurs annually (or should).

  • Lends itself to reflection as one year ends and another begins.

  • Once it’s done you’re so glad you did it!

The gifts that come from doing regular strategic planning are as long as Santa’s list. Here are just a few ways that carving out time for this activity can help your organization.

  • Helps ensure that the organization's activities align with its long-term goals and objectives.

  • Aids in the efficient allocation of resources, including finances, personnel, and time.

  • Allows organizations to identify and take advantage of opportunities for competitive advantage.

  • Allows for adjustments in response to changing market conditions, technology, or customer needs.

  • Provides a clear sense of direction for employees, improving motivation and performance.

  • Establishes accountability for meeting goals and objectives, enhancing organizational performance.

  • Encourages the exploration of innovative solutions to challenges and opportunities.

  • Involves stakeholders in the planning process, fostering collaboration and buy-in.

  • Identifies key performance indicators to track progress and success.

  • Prevents wasting resources on activities that don't contribute to the organization's strategic goals.

  • Fosters a culture of continuous improvement and learning within the organization.

Though it may feel like an extra thing to accomplish, strategic planning is a critical process that enables organizations to adapt, grow, and thrive.

If it’s not already on your schedule, start making plans for this process now. Call us if we can help!

Image: @watcharlie

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