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Let Us Help You Find Your Yellow Brick Road

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

If you have seen the classic 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, then you will totally relate to this analogy. If not, no worries, you will still get it. Just keep reading.

The first part of the movie is in black and white. Dorothy, the heroine, and her entire house, are picked up by a tornado. A cacophony of sound and images swirl past the window of her home as she and her house are thrown about in the tornado.

Then suddenly there is a loud thump and silence.

Dorothy gingerly gets up and walks slowly toward the door. Everything in her world is still in black and white.

Carefully, with lots of apprehension, she opens the door.

As the door opens, a world full of color and amazing sights pours in through the doorway. There is a yellow brick road in front of her (although she doesn’t yet understand where it will guide her).

Understandably, Dorothy is overwhelmed and it is only through constantly adjusting her strategy with the guidance of a mentor (the good witch Glinda) and support of her friends (the scarecrow, tin man and lion) that she is able to reach her goal of returning home.

Why this lengthy recap?

Because it’s a fun way to think about what we have all been going through in our personal and professional lives.

The pandemic made our world feel dull and took away a lot of the activities that gave our world color. Like Dorothy in the tornado, we have all felt tossed around and unsure of where we would land.

Today, with some hesitation we are looking forward to being able to live our lives in full color. To be able to do things that we haven’t been able to do for over a year.

As Dorothy figured out her new path, Glinda pointed out that the yellow brick road could be her salvation. When Dorothy faced challenges, she found the scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion who all shared their skills and inspiration to champion her cause.

In leading your employees through this next transition, you need to build a path that allows them to feel supported and in control.

You can do this by:

-Providing Choice: Research shows change is easier if people feel like they have an active role in making decisions. In organizations, this can look like giving employees more choice in where and how they work or in using employee input in making business decisions.

-Connecting to a Purpose: Research finds that connection to a mission or purpose is key for employees to do well during transition. With all of the changes that COVID-19 brought, it may be time for you and your staff to become reconnected with your purpose.

-Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: In times of change, you cannot over communicate. Providing multiple avenues for employees to ask questions or provide suggestions AND giving employees real time feedback will help your company reach your desired destination.

As you navigate your way out of this pandemic OZ, G2 Solutions would love to be your Scarecrow, (or maybe we’re the tin man or the cowardly lion…)

Okay, we’re taking this analogy too far.

Bottom line: G2 Solutions can show you how to make your company thrive even as the world around you shifts. Reach out today for a free consultation.

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