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Practical Tips for Staying Motivated

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Connecting with your WHY is crucial to sustaining motivation and success over the long-term. (See our earlier post on 1/21/21.) Being grounded in your purpose, raison d'etre, gives you something to push off of when you feel like giving up.

Here are some tangible ways to keep your WHY top of mind.

  • Write it down and put it where you will see it often.

  • Display a picture that represents your purpose. Perhaps it’s a depiction of the end result you want to achieve.

  • Find an object that symbolizes your WHY and display it prominently in your workplace. It might be a picture of your loved ones, a memento from a special moment, or a customer success story. If it’s something that you can hold in your hands, even better.

  • Set alarms on your devices that will prompt you to pause and remember your big picture reason. (These can be especially helpful for countering the mid-afternoon slump).

  • Start your day with a brief (or longer) ritual in which you pause, breathe, and focus your attention on your purpose.

We love hearing the creative ways that people stay connected to their WHYs. Please share what works for you!

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