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Roses or Thorns?

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns,

or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” -unknown

Perspective is everything. That’s especially important to remember right now, though it may take additional effort. As cliché as it is, there is something to be said for finding the silver lining. We don’t mean to minimize the chaos and destruction the pandemic has caused for businesses. It has been a huge inconvenience at best and brought devastating consequences at worst. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, you are absolutely allowed to complain and grieve.

And then what?

After honoring these feelings, it might be worth experimenting with how you are thinking (not just feeling) about your current circumstances.

Try this. Listen to the inner dialogue you are having about your current situation. For the sake of example, let’s say it sounds something like this:

It’s always something. Why do things never work out for me?

What if we can’t figure this out?

Notice how you feel when you have those thoughts... Likely, It feels heavy and restricting with a whole heap of ick.

Now see what happens if you flip the question. Here are some examples:

What opportunities are here that I cannot currently see?

What can I learn from this situation?

Now notice how it feels to have these thoughts... Hopefully, it feels at least a tiny bit lighter and more free.

Of course, this doesn’t make the hard reality vanish. You will still be faced with some gut wrenching choices and unpleasant actions. But if held in balance with this broader perspective, you may stumble on possibilities that your fixed mindset was blocking from view and bring a little bit of hope along the way.

Join us on Facebook and share some examples of how you have been able to flip the question. How did it make you feel?

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