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Table Manners Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Have you ever dined with someone who talks while they have a mouthful of food? Or maybe you have been guilty of this yourself?

We know it’s not proper etiquette but that’s easy to forget when you get excited about something you want to say. Or when you’re in a hurry.

But this isn’t a blog about table manners. Hopefully, your parents covered that when you were growing up.

We’re here to talk about trying to do two things at the same time - specifically working IN your business and working ON your business.

What’s the difference?

Working IN your business involves helping customers, ordering inventory, paying employees, marketing yourself, and more. These are the daily operational things that must be done to keep the business functioning from one day to the next.

Working ON your business involves an entirely different set of tasks - and a different perspective. It includes decisions about who you will serve, how you will stay ahead of your competition, and future goals. It might also involve giving attention to the culture of your company, clarifying your values, vision and mission, refining systems and communication processes. And more.

It’s easy to work IN your business. These tasks present themselves to you on a regular basis and demand your attention.

But many of the tasks involved in working ON your business don’t generate a sense of urgency. Which means they easily get pushed to the bottom of the list, getting little, if any, attention.

Most business owners realize they need to work ON their business. These tasks lurk in the back of their minds of things they “should” do, “someday”. Some will try to do both at the same time. But, just like talking with your mouth full it’s not pretty.

Leaders who incorporate set times in their week to work ON their business have less stress and experience a calmer state of mind. They feel hopeful and ready for the future.

Often, the transformation is immediate. We see it all the time after meeting with a company leader. They leave our office walking taller, shoulders more relaxed, and a smile on their face. Because after helping them work ON their business, they have a vision, a plan, and concrete steps for moving forward.

Entrepreneurs who don’t carve out time to work ON their business (or try to do it while doing other things) easily lose their edge with the competition, have issues with their employees and are perpetually reacting to problems instead of proactively responding.

In principle, it’s not all that different from how we help clients in therapy. It’s about taking time to reflect on the big picture view, examine the results of your current behavior and be intentional about your actions moving forward.

How good are you at working IN your business versus ON your business? Do you need to take more time to metaphorically stop, chew your food, and let it digest?

Reach out for a free consultation to see how G2 Solutions can help.

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