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Values Check: 3 Little Words

We talk a lot about the importance of adapting to change in the business world. To do this you need to stay up to date on trends, respond to unexpected events and make predictions about the future. As important as these skills are, it is equally important to stay true to your core values.

A value driven company creates a vibrant culture and attracts high quality employees who are motivated to stay long term. This type of energized environment results in:

  • Improved resilience and sustainable growth

  • Increased innovation due to strong, supported teams

  • Expanded ability to deliver high quality products and services

Conducting a values evaluation is an in-depth process. Optimally it involves all stakeholders and looks at how values align with the vision and mission of a company. It is one of the things G2 Solutions really enjoys doing because of the positive effect it has on company operations.

As transformative as we believe this process can be, we recognize that business leaders need a quick way to measure if their daily operations align with their values. In working with leaders at our retreats, we devised a simple exercise to conduct an expeditious values check. It is simple, short and can provide vital insights into your company.

It comes down to 3 little words.

It starts with asking yourself this question:

What 3 words do you always want to come to people’s mind when they think of your organization?

Now think about how your company is operating today and ponder this:

Do your employee’s actions and your company’s procedures reflect these 3 words?

If so, how? If not, how?

When you have to condense your thoughts and feelings about your company into 3 words, these words tend to be representative of your values. The answers to these questions is a business litmus test that can indicate where things are going right and point out areas for improvement.

In addition to providing self-reflection, this is also a great team building exercise. Follow the same steps with your staff to stimulate important conversations. What we have found is if things are going well, there will be a lot of commonality and the nuances in the words can become great discussion points. If there is more tension in the ranks, this exercise can be a starting point to get everyone on the same page.

It all starts with 3 little words and can lead to insights on how to align your values and leadership. Give it a try.

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