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What an Honor!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

We wanted to share a fun, energizing experience we had this weekend! We had the privilege of working with inSite Digestive Health Care’s Board of Directors at their annual Board Retreat at the beautiful Descanso Gardens in California. We alternated between working on big picture items with developing systems that give inSite the tools to achieve their vision of the organization.

This type of zooming in on details and zooming out to see how these details fit into the overall goals of an organization is essential for a company to evolve. It allows business leaders to create a transformation pathway that helps everyone to understand their role in the organization’s development.

Zooming out entails painting the picture for your organization of where you are going. This includes outlining the values, vision and mission for the organization and incorporating these into a strategic plan that will guide the transformation.

Zooming in is all about creating a framework that allows you to reach your vision. This means asking yourself, “What systems do we have in place that will allow us to reach our strategic goals?” This will entail creating strong operational processes, communication structures and evaluative steps that move the organization forward.

This weekend, we saw this zooming in and out in action. We started by looking at the big picture priorities of the organization and then guided the group through a process to develop committees that reflect those priorities. They left the weekend with real work done. We look forward to seeing where they go next. It is always amazing what you can get done when you have smart, vibrant, engaged, creative people in one room.

Thank you inSite for letting us be a part of your journey!

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