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What Is Our Secret Recipe?

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Has this ever happened to you? You are at a friend's home and they make some delectable delight. You ask for the recipe which they gladly give you. You are excited as you go to make it for yourself. As the delicacy comes out of the oven, your mouth is watering. After one bite, you sigh in disappointment. It just doesn’t taste quite right.

What was their secret?

This has definitely happened to me. I had a friend whose mother made, to this day, the most delicious banana nut bread I have ever had. Despite sharing her recipe willingly, neither her son nor I could ever replicate it.

When I made my mother’s lasagna it never turned out. It was just okay. When I called her in frustration, she said that she didn’t do anything special. When we walked through the recipe, she let me know that she squashed the tomatoes by hand and always made it the day before.

Then there is a friend’s mom who purposefully left out an ingredient when she shared recipes to assure that hers remained the most delicious.

In all of these examples there was something that the chef did that made the experience unique. Some things were done unknowingly, some inadvertently and some consciously.

This experience is similar to what we hear from our clients. There is something about the way G2 Solutions operates that is different from other business consultants. It is our own special sauce.

Our clients call it the G2 Way.

The G2 Way does have a recipe:

Heaping spoonfuls of values: We help you identify the core values of your business and connect these values with daily operations.

Bushels of business drivers: By identifying and activating your business model, operational processes and talent environment we move your business forward by equipping you to meet the challenges of the business world.

Gallons of human dynamics and behavior: More than other business consultants we understand what makes people tick. As working psychotherapists, we understand what is necessary for sustained change. It is a combination of identifying what needs to change, teaching new skills, addressing barriers to change and supporting people as they try to work through the normal discomfort that comes with change.

A dash of fun along the way: One of the best parts of our job is figuring out ways to teach concepts in a way that let people relax and have fun.

When you mix all of these together and let them simmer, what is the result?

  • You have increased clarity about the direction of your company.

  • You have more confidence to face the challenges of the business world.

  • You implement solutions that are good for your company and good for your employees.

  • You understand your leadership strengths and how to leverage them. You also understand your challenges and how to overcome them.

We would love to teach you our recipe for success and we promise we won’t leave out an ingredient.

Let’s set up a meeting so we can all get cooking. Contact us at

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