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Where Have All The Workers Gone?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The U.S. is currently experiencing both high unemployment and a shortage of labor. Deemed The Great Resignation, many workers are being more choosy about if and for whom they will work. For some this is a reflection of changing life circumstances due to the pandemic.

For others, the pandemic sparked a period of reflection and evaluation of what is important to them, including how they want to spend their time.

While such changes may be good for individuals and families, company leaders are feeling the pinch as they struggle to find willing workers. It is forcing business leaders to rethink how they recruit labor and design benefits that will convince potential employees that working for them is worth it.

Business journalists Sanandaji, Monte, Ham, and Tarki provide several suggestions for dealing with the labor shortage, including finding ways to alleviate the stress of long commutes to the workplace.

For example, strengthening recruitment efforts close to your company, compensating workers who have long commutes, changing shift hours to avoid rush hour, providing ride share services, or opening satellite offices are some ideas.

Companies are also looking to find ways to help workers with children balance their family responsibilities, such as providing support for childcare or school drop off and pick up.

Additional suggestions to bolster employee continuity is to make sure that employee salaries have been adjusted to the current cost of living and considering underemployed populations such as the elderly or former prisoners.

While creative ways to attract and retain employees are needed now more than ever, company leaders must also make sure that they have a retention culture in their organization where employees feel safe, valued, and respected.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that expectations are lowered. It does mean that employees are provided ample support so that they are set up for success.

By combining high support with high expectations, companies can cultivate an effective and dedicated workforce.

While all of these measures are not without added cost, time, and effort, they are proving to be necessary.

Otherwise, you’ll be spending all your time and resources hiring, training, and replacing employees.

At G2 Solutions, we are experts at assessing how a company’s culture is impacting all aspects of the business. Let’s work together to improve the health of your business and create a place where people love to come to work.

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