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Work-Life Balance: What Leaders Can Do

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

We’ve been talking about work-life balance and how it’s essential to a healthy personal life and a fulfilling professional career. The shape that work-life balance takes varies from person to person depending on their needs and circumstances.

Employers can’t decide for their employees how that balance should look. They do, however, have an important role to play in creating a setting that allows workers to practice work-life balance strategies.

The following are things you can do as a leader in your company to promote work-life balance among your employees.

  • Honor employees’ time off. Don’t email or text on weekends or after work hours. Even if you aren’t expecting a response, you’ve interrupted their personal time by showing up on their radar. In cases where you do need to have employees work overtime or on weekends, be sure to show your appreciation and acknowledge that the employee has gone above and beyond.

  • Allow flexibility when possible. This allows employees to have a sense of control over their own schedule. It also signals that you trust your employee to meet their work obligations.

  • Provide clear job descriptions. This clarity provides important structure for employees to work within. It reduces overwhelm and ensures efficiency throughout the organization.

  • Regularly assess company policies. We have all seen how the business world changed during COVID. As the work environment continues to evolve, be sure your policies are keeping pace and are supportive of your employees.

  • Keep workloads manageable. Stay aware of what is on your employees’ plate and periodically evaluate systems and processes to be sure they are running efficiently.

  • Set a good example. By modeling healthy work-life balance you are giving your employees permission to do the same.

  • Stick to the Golden Rule. Think about how you would feel if you were one of your employees. Treating others as we want to be treated never goes out of style

Need some guidance on how to make these things happen? G2 Solutions can help! Give us a call.

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